One for Sorrow

One measly soul to save your strife
For what it’s worth we took the life
Sorrow consumed her worthless deal
Two more will make it too surreal

For payment comes when payment’s due
Joy passes by without a clue
Three weeks had passed and all forgot
For time moves quick when lost in thought

A long dark search through empty towns
Girl grows old and blonde turns brown
Four years had passed before her eyes
For every face is a disguise

A lonely soul can find no home
Boy or Girl, they’re still alone
Five days we stayed then rapped the door
For her we waited evermore

Silver hair and skin so fare
Six candles lit the dampened air
For us she smiled and led us in
Gold swung so loose below her chin

Seven seconds before she turned
For darkness waited as she yearned
A gift was offered, but not received
Secret still she’d been deceived

Never have I seen such fear
To pay the debt she owed all clear
Be merciful she asked, although she knew
Told we always come when the payment’s due