UPDATE 4 (12/18/2014): I don’t know what to do…


I….oh man….this is going to be tough…..

okay…this is going to have to be short….I’ve lost a lot of blood…and I really need to lay down.

After my last post I tried to lay down and rest in this empty house and as soon as my head hit the pillow I passed out.

I don’t know how much later – maybe only an hour or so but eventually I woke up – and suddenly. I couldn’t get past the twitching feeling under the skin of my left arm and when I pulled up my sleeve I noticed a “square” where the small nick and the “moving” was.

I panicked and ran to the bathroom of this house.

I took a photo this time – I’m going to try to take as many as I can so that this remains documented…


The skin there felt dry and itchy – but way too perfect to be something else…..after a few seconds I pressed my fingers onto the patch and I felt it…..moving…

Something was under my skin.

I didn’t think. I didn’t consider. I ran for the kitchen to get something sharp. I was going to cut this fucking thing out of my skin before it turned me into whatever the fuck I killed in the road.

The only thing I found in the kitchen drawers unfortunately were a pair of old scissors, so I grabbed them, a wooden spoon and some scotch tape, there wasn’t much else here.

I ran back to the bathroom and started running the hot water…I don’t know, hot water? Looser Skin? In retrospect maybe keeping the skin tighter would’ve been better….

This is going to get graphic….I’m sorry….

I didn’t take pictures of this next part for the obvious “very difficult to capture” reason:

First I removed my shirt and prepared to use it to stop the bleeding. I slowly ran the scissors up and down the patch of skin, mimicking the motion I would be taking. I knew that once I hit the skin I would want to stop, but I can’t afford to only go half way. I wanted to make the cut quick and deliberate so that I don’t need to cut over and over again. Luckily it felt right below the surface, so I didn’t think I’d have to go too deep. I knew I’d have to go “across the road” and not along my veins otherwise it would be impossible to stop the bleeding.

I lowered the scissors. What the fuck am I doing? Panic rushed through me. I’m going to end up fucking killing myself.

I sat down on the toilet, tears in my eyes and held my head in my hands….then I stood back up – put the wooden spoon in my mouth and cut my fucking arm open.

I was pushing so hard against my skin that the blood began to pool and splash to the floor and sink as if I were carelessly spilling my morning coffee everywhere. I wailed in pain as the dullish blade of the scissors scraped apart my skin.

My plan was to create a flap for my skin to open so that I could get to whatever was inside of me, but I didn’t consider what would happen next….

I got about halfway through my first long cut when I saw the thin blackened membrane of the worm stick out of my open wound. The scissors, slippery and wet with my blood, fell into the skin as I grabbed for the worm with my right hand and began to pull. An Immense pain went shooting up my arm and into my lungs as I pulled being careful not to rip the fucking thing apart.

I could feel the creature being dragged along my veins through my arm and chest, it had grown long enough to enter most of my body. Even now I’m gagging trying to describe the feeling, but it was like a magician removing an endless line of handkerchiefs from his sleeve.

I fell over in pain as I pulled the creature from my arm, it felt endless as if the creature been run through my entire body but I just kept pulling.

Eventually I realized I was near the top of my arm with maybe 5 -6 feet of writhing, wriggling thin black worm in my right hand like a coil of rope and the creature started to really dig in. I felt a sharp piercing, like a bite in my shoulder as if the creature was holding on for dear life and no matter how I pulled it wouldn’t let go without taking a huge chunk of my arm or opening up my arm completely. I could see the mass in my shoulder pulsating as the head of this creature held on to me for its life.

I dropped the coil from my right hand which quickly writhed upon the linoleum tile of the bathroom and reached halfheartedly for the scissors in the sin. They were still wet with blood. Without a seconds hesitation I plunged them into my own shoulder and dragged them towards my chest tearing open my shoulder and exposing the foul smelling black head of the creature. It’s head was like an arrow head which had stuck out it’s sharp blades to negate me pulling the creature any farther out. Every inch I tried to pull it out from my original wound would only have torn up my innards.

I quickly snipped the majority of coiled creature from just below my left hand cutting the creature in two and dropped the scissors as I grabbed the head with my right hand. The small blades cut deep into my hands but I continued squeezing head until black ooze started pouring out from between my fingers. I vomited as the black dripped onto my opened wound and splashed around, a sickening mixture of blood, black and vomit splashed against the floor and in a last ditch effort I threw the stinking pulsating head of the worm into the toilet along with the still writing tail end of the creature and flushed the fucker down. With a squirm it went down.

I sat there bleeding and vomiting for a good 5 minutes, continually flushing the toilet, then I clogged it with almost an entire roll of toilet paper.

Needless to say I’m tired.

After I showered and wrapped my wound I had time to search the house and found a few things that may make my recovery easier. Pills, Bandages and a few other things left as treats for the next family who moves into this house I suppose.

as I mentioned….I’m beat….I’m still going to call the phone company….but everything seems so much heavier now…..I can’t fathom what’s going to happen….

Either way I’ll update when I wake up….

Excuse spelling mistakes please, and fuck you people who think I shouldn’t of hid from my “wife,” I wouldn’t wish what’s happening to me on my worst enemy. …