Blog and back again: A Frog Hits Dale

Sounds of Science: Chapter 1 – The Long Home Road

Good evening, morning, afternoon, nighttime, daytime, fight time, right time, wrong time, bong time, or whatever time it may be to you at the present point you may be reading this. Thank you for your time and effort in coming here and looking around, if you’re interested in buying anything please sign in at the front desk and leave your business card with the receptionist I will call you back as soon as I can, but let’s be honest, I won’t.

To be fair not much of what I will be posting or talking about will have any cultural relevance, nor will much of it make any sense as the reason I’m spilling my internal monologue is purely for personal reasons. Also I can’t sleep.

But enough about me, how are you? Tell me about yourself.

That’s excellent because I was thinking of cutting my own.

No, but I do enjoy the chicken there. I wish I could but I wouldn’t fit into it.

No she gets sick so we can’t, but thanks for offering.

Now that we’ve that out of the way, I welcome you to my Home, my place of business and my mind. I will share with you intimate secrets and dark truths about the zealots and Frankenstien monsters I’ve discovered in my mouth. I’ll tell you about the time I was found face down in my own blood and puke  somewhere in a Montreal bathroom stall and still have the audacity to fuck the bar maid.

Of my exploits I’ve found none of them. Yes I meant to say that.

In any case I hope too see you again.

Please join me in a prayer.