I’ll Be Seeing You

As I’m sitting in bed tonight It occurs to me that there a great number of films which I love, hate and care so deeply about that I would defend tooth and nail to the bitter end. But as many of us know there are those movies, in which may not be the best made, acted or written, but we still hold them very close to our heart.  There are films in that category that no matter the time I will watch them over and over again. Here is my list of films I can watch many times over and still Love them:

The Edge

Just a down right fantastic film, survival in the woods with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin fighting it out over Anthony’s wife, It’s been described as Jaws in the woods, as there constantly harassed by a bear. The setting is beautiful, the story is, at it’s core, fun and exciting, and the power play between these two mega actors is quite fun to watch. Check it out if you haven’t.

Forgetting Sarah Marshal

For some reason this movie just makes me feel happy, A great setting, great writing, Funny, and refreshing. Cliche story line but done in a simply fun way, doesn’t take itself seriously and has fun doing so . One of my all time cheer up movies.

Robin Hood: Prince Of Theives

Kevin Costner is not a great actor, but I Love him. This movie never loses my interest, not for a second, the acting is close to being bad, even Morgan Freeman is cheese, the setting is a little hoaky, there isn’t as much detail as we’ve seen put into period pieces in the past as this one, and it still contains quite a number of continuity errors, but never the less, you will always see a smile on my face when Kevin is looking through the telescope the Morgan builds and lifts his sword towards the camera, classic.


Another newer one, but still a fantastic Science Fiction written by Alex Garland and directed by Danny Boyle, this Sci-Fi Horror packs all the punches of an action film let allows the pacing and acting of a well crafted classic. Special mention to Chris Evans, whose most well known for the Fire dude from Fantastic Four movies, but he’s redeemed himself in this picture.

The Proposition

Directed by John Hillcoat this story of Redemption and Murder in the Australian 1800’s, the Wild West, captivates and intrigues with a rustic and real gritty feel. Guy Pierce,  Ray Winstone and Danny Huston star in this film. I can’t say enough good things about this, but please check it out, a well paced, bloody, thriller and one worth a re-watch.

Evil Dead 2

I shouldn’t have to explain why this is on here, if you’ve seen it you know, if you haven’t you should. ‘Nuff Said.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Although this one only gets once a year viewing it still holds true to me every time I see it.  A real tear jerker this classic story about a man who see’s his life without him in it means more today than ever. Again if you’ve seen it you know what I’m saying.


An amazing sound track, a bizarre story, a wonderful cast and a weird movie, but still I get more from it every time I see it. If you haven’t seen it, it star Guy Pierce who’s a civil war soldier stationed in a snowy fort, where he by a odd twist of events meets Robert Carlyle. Also there’s alot of Cannibalism in it.

As Good as it Gets

Just a wicked movie of love, and life, and dealing with Pain. Jack Nicholson is such an asshole in this it earned him an academy award. This movie is full of so many Classic One Liners it’s hard not to quote it accidentally, but nonetheless this movie I will watch in reapeat until I die.


Nicholas Cage is another Kevin Costner-esque case, where I know he’s awful, but I love him. This film however is an excellent revenge flick filled with dark characters and an even darker story line but all in all a great Schumaeker film.

Finally I come to the most recent addition….


If you didn’t like this movie I get it, It’s not amazing, it’s nothing special, it’s like Resident Evil fucked Aliens and gave birth to this retarded child, but I loved it. It got me and I thought it was a wild and entertaining ride, Dennis Quaid sucked but Ben Foster was awesome, and the twist at the end, priceless. In anycase I hope you would give it a chance, but if you don’t like it I get it.

I’ll do this again another time, complete the list so to speak, but for now these will do to keep you watching.



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