State of Being

There are two sides to every story, just as there is a ying and a yang, just as there is an action that has an equal and opposite reaction.  Everything must have balance and much like your life must have balance so must your state of being. When it comes to your state of being most people fit into two categories either you’re Restless by default or Lazy by default and it takes an awful lot of understanding to see that both are equally detrimental to your state of being.

On one side of the spectrum are those who are Lazy, things need to be done but instead they opt for a comfortable life even if they are not making money or being productive. On the other side is those who are restless, consistently making mountains out of molehills, stress filled and always on the move. The golden mean is that of “being,” understanding that there is comfort in taking time for yourself once you have been productive, or taking a few days to relax instead of trying to run around fixing issues that may not be immediately problematic. As with all things it’s about balance and the ideal “state of being,” is simple being.

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