UPDATE 5 (12/19/2014): I don’t know what to do…

I woke up to find the sheets wet with my blood.

I guess I stirred violently in my sleep because the wound had re-opened itself.

I got up and walked to the bathroom. It was caked in blood and smelt putrid, like bile and iron it bit at your lungs as you breathed it in. I quickly checked the wound in the mirror and grimaced. It was sticky and dark – the black blood of the creature had seeped into the wound. I don’t know whether to call it infected or diseased….but it didn’t look good.

I’ve been reading the comments here for the past few hours and decided that while everyone suggested a great number of things; Hospital, Home, Family/Friends…..

I have to find my wife; for once I want to be the hero in my own life, I know I can do it

I’ve prepared myself for the possibility that she may be dead, but if there is the slightest chance, I need to try.

I packed up my things and scoured the house, trying to use my right arm as much as possible and spare the left from any further strain. I found a number of useful things that I put in my backpack and found a clean shirt and pants, a winter toque. I also found a claw pike used for puling large fish into your boat, about the size of a hammer and razor sharp. I also found some fishing line, clothes, bottles a number of other things that I thought would be useful and took them.

It was at this time I realized that the street, houses and general area were quite.

I had been in this house for the night and it was now maybe 8:00 am, so I’m going to scope out the streets for a while and see what I can find.

It’s now maybe….11:00am?

Nothing on the street. Nothing in the houses.

There is literally nothing.

I’ve now noticed that my phone has zero signal; how long have I had nothing? It doesn’t even say I have a carrier.

I’m going to keep watching.

It’s close to 4:00pm now.

I ate some canned food they have here and decided that I’m going to leave come night fall.

A few hours ago I came to the sudden realization that I have no way of finding my wife, so I decided to start jotting down places she may have gone, the first being her parents’ house – which is the closest option anyway.

Come nightfall I’m going to pack up a clean bed spread and supplies and head to her parents house.


I don’t have anything to add.

It’s started to snow.

It’s actually quite peaceful.

My arm is sore and feels numb….I’m afraid I’m going to lose it….but I can’t think about that now…..

All I can think about is my wife and finding her. I understand. I read the comments. I get it.

She’s probably dead.

But I don’t know for sure.

Not yet.

And I’m not giving up.

She wouldn’t give up on me.

I have to thank you guys; you’ve given me a reason to keep pushing. Knowing that you’re out there….that you believe me….that I know what I’m going through helps….more than you may ever know….

You’ve made me feel like there is hope, that there is a reason to keep going, keep posting.

You’ve made me feel like I can be a hero in this.

I’ve always been 100% with you all.

And if and when I find her, I won’t be pulling any punches.

I’m going to post this now…shortly I’ll be leaving the house and then I can post when I get somewhere new…I don’t know how long that will be…hopefully it

Someones in the house.

I hear them moving downstairs – a window just broke





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