Last Night I Had A Dream About My Grandfather


In the dream he was sitting in the front room of his house staring out the window.

When I approached he turned sharply towards me as if afraid of what may have been behind him. His eyes were wet with tears and the look on his face was one of absolute terror.

I knelt down to his level and asked him what was wrong, putting my hand over his which rested on his knee. At first he shook his head, shrugging off the question, but I pressed him again pleading with him to share what he was so afraid of. He looked back out the front window of the house and wiped his eyes.

After a deep breath he looked back at me.

“It’s coming for me,” he said as his eyes flashed from mine to the corner behind me. Being made immediately nervous by the weight of his voice, I shot around myself to see the picture filled walls of the living room, simple and serene as ever. Puzzled I turned back to him, his eyes still on the corner behind me.

“What is?” I gestured to the wall, “I don’t see anything Grandpa…” I said softly.

His eyes slowly drifted back to mine and knowingly he nodded at me.

“I know.” He said with a sadness turning back to the bay window.

I stood up disappointed and turned again to the empty corner of the room which felt darker than before. I began walking to the corner and after a few steps I turned back to see my Grandpa looking at me crying. I continued on and with each step I could hear my Grandpa growing more and more uneasy.

When I arrived at the corner is seemed so much darker than before, as if the light did not touch this spot.

I spun around to see my grandfather sitting by the window still looking at me, however he seemed miles away, like an optical illusion. I suddenly began to feel very cold…and then I heard it…a wet breathing in my ear.

I slowly turned back around to see what was behind me. In the corner of the room, crouching on its hind legs was a creature.

It’s teeth were abnormally long, longer than any humans could be; they weren’t sharp but rather crooked and bent as if someone had hammered teeth into this its mouth. It’s eyes were hollow and bone white, devoid of any pupils save the red veins that ran like lightning through them. Its nose was non-existent but rather two wet gashes into its face which tightened and widened with each wet breath.

After a beat it ran its sickly yellow tongue over its teeth, stood up and smiled revealing blackened gums. It raised a single long white fingers towards me and ran it softly down my chest.

I turned and ran back to the window and as I did the room began to grow lighter with each and every step. Eventually I stopped just short of my grandfather to catch my breath. I quickly spun around to see the corner and to my surprise it was how I had first seen it, simple and dull without any sense of darkness.

I gave a sigh of relief.

“Is it there anymore?” I asked my grandpa as I turned towards him.

His eyes were filled with terror, more so than I had ever seen them, his mouth open as if trying to gasp for air, but his eyes were not on the corner…they were on me. He clutched his chest in pain and when I reached out to help him I saw my hand was white, my fingers long and rotting. I quickly glanced to my reflection in the living room mirror and saw the creature instead.

Then I woke up.

It was a scary dream…no doubt…but that’s not why I’m writing this.

I’m writing this because this morning when I woke up I got a call from my Grandma.

Apparently my Grandfather died of a heart attack this morning…while sitting in his favourite chair by the front Window.

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