EDIT:Found my watch, can start time stamping posts:

6/12/2012 12:19pm

So I woke up this morning with my bloody stump of a left hand and a severe headache. The cracked blackened skin on my left arm is a constant reminder that this is not a dream. I spent a bit of last night before falling asleep looking online about what’s happening and clearly something is wrong.

My apartment building is still standing, I’m on the 5th floor of 11. But I feel it creaking and shifting, occasionally I hear blocks of cement falling on the floors around me and I realize that I can’t stay here anymore, I think I’m going to try to head to the elementary school near where I live, it’s about a 30 minuet walk, but I know It has internet and I feel like it would be safe as there is also a super market within 5 mins of it.

I’ve also collected some stuff to bring, nothing major, some bottle of water, cans of food, everything that I need, some personal items; I’ll put a list later. I’m not trying to clear my apartment cause I think I can come back tomorrow, I just want to get out in case it should fall.

I’ll be heading out in maybe an hour….actually less. I think someones knocking at my door.


6/12/2012 4:21

EDIT: I think my mind’s playing tricks on me, i checked the door and their was nothing. But when I spun back around I noticed something I hadn’t before…outside. The streets, the buildings, everything is just a mess. What the fuck happened. The realization just washed over me like getting hit in the face with a brick. I broke down sobbing in a pile on the floor, holding my arm. What the fuck is going on… anyone out there? Took way too much longer than I wanted, it’s now after 4 o’clock. I’m leaving this place as soon as I can, think I got everything I need, don’t wanna come back here if I don’t have too…..realized that my girlfriend is probably dead……trying to deal with it. Actually no, I’m trying to not think about it now. Heading to the school now. Will update when I arrive.

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