6/13/2012 10:34am

The events of last night still linger in my mind. I left the apartment before five o’clock in hopes of finding the elementary school in which I grew up. It’s usually about a half an hour walk from my apartment, but it took almost three hours last night. Once I set foot outside my apartment I saw that not only had almost everyone else on my floor evacuated, but people left everything behind. I poked my head in my neighbours apartment: she’s a single mother with a 3 month old infant son. I walked in, over broken glass and the wooden door in splinters on the floor to see her lifeless body pinned under a ceiling beam, her guts had been pushed out her mouth like squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. I cringed and had to kneel a second, I tried not to throw up again, because I was having trouble eating food. Then I saw the baby’s room.

I walked slowly towards it holding my breath, hoping to hear the soft coo of the child telling me it was still alive. I got as far as the door to the nursery, all I saw was the blood and I turned around and left.

There was no point searching the apartment, those who left probably took everything important, and those who didn’t were dead. Besides it was almost night, so I began down the five flights of stairs to the lobby.

The stairs were collapsed but manageable, I had to climb down the last two floors, but eventually I landed on the ground floor. The lobby was in shambles and the front window exposed to the street was completely smashed, it wasn’t until I got outside that I realized exactly what had happened. At first this all looked nuclear, and somehow I survived the blast, but upon looking at the destruction and buildings, It almost looks natural, like an earth quake….but then it dawned on me; where is everybody?

No bodies, no people, no nothing. Empty cars and trains, with nothing in them. Fear washed over me and I began at a quick pace towards the school. Weaving in an out of cars and chunks of buildings is a time consuming ordeal and by the time I arrive at the school It’s dark, luckily I packed a flashlight. I turned on my light and looked in the school; empty, but of course the door is locked. After a short look around I thought that I could get in through the roof door, and being that the building is two stories I thought I could climb it.

So I walked to the garbage cans to the side of the school climbed on top, and quite easily boosted myself up. The trouble was trying to get to the next story, with only one hand. I eventually managed my climbing back down, and tossing up another garbage can to climb up to the second story with. Finally I got to the top and found the door, to my surprise it was unlocked.

The school was empty and dark, walking the halls of my childhood school at night spawned memory to say the least. The remembered walking these halls as a young child, being picked on by Mark Waters by the second floor lockers, kissing Marge Beaumont by the fountain near the music room. I managed to find a sufficient place to lay low in the janitors closet, so i dropped my pack, grabbed by pocket knife and went to look in the teachers lounge for food.

I had brought food, but wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything fresh before I dived into my canned goods, to my delight the fridge was stocked, not to the brim, but with enough supplies for a few good days. Fresh fruits, bread and even a microwavable dinner in the freezer. I ate the fruit, knowing that it would be the first to go bad and walked the halls of the school. I went to the gymnasium slowly walking around the matts and basketball court, until i shone my light on the back door to the school. I dawned on my that I should ensure all exits to this place are sealed, sine the door was open. I quickly ran around to all the doors locking them tight, until I got to the last door adjacent from the library, and when I turned the corner my heart dropped, the door across from the library that led to the parking lot wasn’t unlocked….it was wide open. I immediately turned off my torch and allowed my eyes to adjust to the dark, I had not seen a single live person since before any of this happened, and being minus a hand and weak from blood loss, and slowly and quietly began walking back to the janitors closet. My first instinct was to shut the door, but I thought were this a person they would surly be alerted by my presence if I did something like shutting a door they left open, maybe I can get the upper hand.

That night I locked the door to the closet and barely slept. It’s now morning and I have no idea what I’m going to do. But one thing is for sure, I’m not alone.


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