The subtle dip in posture shows her heart beneath her breast
The beads of perspiration trickle down her blushing chest
In ecstasy and passion we submit to our desire
The yearning of a primal form we mutually admire
Like painted lines our eyes align each mirroring its match,
The nervousness of simple joy - a wanting I’ve unlatched 
She glows with effervescent light, euphoria is reached
We mutually obtain our crest devoid of any speech
With every thrust my beating heart succumbs to joyous bliss
With tender hands upon my chest she feeds me with a kiss
She sets her head upon my chest and feels my beating heart
The warmth and hale of loves embrace like undiscovered art
She kisses me and leaves the bed to pick up scattered clothes
And as I watch, the rounded line and the tender curves she shows
Mark the pinnacle of grace among the gods and men
This is a sight I have relived a thousand times again
The simple acts of treasured past are viewed with no remorse
Our love was fast and fleeting but it sailed its plotted course
And with the passing of the years I think of this and grew 
A time where days were meaningless when I was near to you

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