Others have failed her,
Misguided men,
Waiting in transfer,
time and again, 
The lines on her lips,
Sing a sad song,
The strength in her grips,
Struggles lifelong,
Though eyes tell us tales,
Hers tell us none,
Hidden from details,
Long lost loved one,
She speaks of a road,
In dreams she’s walked,
A path which had slowed,
The road is blocked,
The beaten path falls,
Leaves in the road,
The white raven calls,
Lightens its’ load,
She wakes up in sweat,
Tears on her cheeks,
Her breathing offset,
Comfort she seeks,
That cold day we met,
I knew her well,
Like Russian roulette,
That night I fell,
Life filled with no err,
Many have sought,
Others have failed her;
But I will not,

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