This Poem Ends in a Bang

The churning of the oceans
The calm before the storm
The crumbling of the mountains
The dew before the morn

The plunge into the darkness
The bath in glowing light
The birth of cloudless day
The passing fear of night

The freshest breath of air
The birth of walking man
The start of a new era
The formation of a clan 

The fight between his brothers
The death of many more
The start of war from peace
The blood soaks to the core

The birth of child brings laughter
The laughter turns to joy
The crawling turns to walking
The baby turns to boy

The boy becomes a man
The man becomes much more
The leader of his people
The leader ends the war

The time flies by much faster
The change in man by years
The power that we harness
The growth of mortal fears

The age of evolution
The changing of the age
The clans then turn to countries
The setting of the stage

The start of something different,
The peace that we all sang
The birth of love and laughter
All started with a bang. 

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