A Place to Remember

I think our minds, like many things, are limited in space,
our thoughts and things we like to know all need their proper place.
Although our minds are vastly wide, they really aren’t that deep
so we must choose from what must go and what we want to keep.

I like to save a little space for all my favourite songs,
like “In the Mood,” and “Cross Road Blues,” or “Where my heart belongs.”
I also like to save some room for Riddles to recite,
that way I can solve them quick so others think I’m bright.

I put aside a tiny space for how food made me feel,
the taste, the scent, the honesty of hearty home-cooked meals.
I can’t forget the way you used to dance around and bake,
And every year without a word, we’d have my favourite cake.

I may be old but I recall the plot of your first book,
Where Mary fell in love with Henry Gimble’s Pastry Cook
I also have a corner kept for all the art you drew,
My favourite was the one you did of Howard feeling blue.

And last I have the biggest part saved for the thought of you,
You may be gone but I recall all that we have been through
You were my wife, my love & life the day that we first met,
I may forget the world and more, but you I can’t forget.

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