The 5 Greater Truths


“You know what I’m craving? A little perspective. That’s it. I’d like some fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?” – Anton Ego

So often we find ourselves overwhelmed with the insurmountable pile of issues we deal with day to day. Whether it be the simple things that slowly grow into vast piles of work on an endless list of “To-Do’s” or a monumental task that may take years to achieve, we all tend to lose sight of what’s truly important.

I can’t tell you what is important to you because every person is going to have a different view of what is important to them, but there are universal “Greater Truths” that we often forget amongst the dull drudgery of daily chores. Things that when we take a moment (and that’s all I ask for, a moment) and let them sink in, we will be amazed at how blinded our view can be. There is a world and more of truth that we push aside when focusing on our Bills, Politics, TV Shows, Amazon Sales & Underwear Models but take this moment with me and consider…

1)   Everyone Dies

I guarantee that a large number of you read the title of this point and scoffed, “What a morbid thought,” or “How stupid!” Well we’re talking about the greater truths here and as unhappy as it may make you it is one of the greatest truths we often forget or rather pretend not to realize. Whatever your ideology this, here now is what matters at the moment. Take chances, make bold moves, think about the world and your place in it. Don’t allow others to make you feel guilty or weak, or less than what you are; but don’t pretend to be greater than you are either. Work on the skills you want to improve, read books that you think will help you learn more and give it everything you’ve got by putting everything you can into making your life exactly what you want. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

2)   There will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself

“If you compare yourself to others you will become vain and bitter…” it’s not easy letting this sink in, some of the greatest most successful people I know use this logic as a mantra to motivate themselves. If this is something you do in order to better yourself, that’s fine; but for me true motivation comes from within, from a place where positivity and negativity are the same. Motivation that ensures follow through comes from rock bottom not from a hatred or comparison of someone you perceive to be greater than yourself. Understanding that there are greater and lesser persons than yourself is a tough pill to swallow and can lead to anger and resentment. It doesn’t have to be this way if you understand that we’re all just humans looking for our own way, so be happy for friends who achieve success, and understand that the world is just a space for things to happen. A House, a car, money….these are things that feed envy yet they are hollow tools used to build a real life. Find the good in other peoples fortune and your own will come.

3)   Our world is Finite

There was a time that we looked up into the sky at night and dreamed about the stars, planets and the possibility of life on other worlds like our own. The chilling thought is that we’ve stopped looking up and instead began looking down at our feet and hands, worrying so much about ourselves and our limited time on Earth that we forget about anything greater than that. Most chilling of all is that we stopped promoting dreams and imagination. The stuffy thinking that runs around the dinner table most nights is often Earth centric and yet we live on the cusp of an infinite abyss filled with wonder and excitement, literally a limitless space for possibility and yet it is a subject rarely breached. I don’t bring it up to guilt you into submission, for us it’s a cause that isn’t going anywhere but for the next generation it is something that we need to promote, the idea that there is a universe so much greater than our tiny world needs our attention. It’s like standing on the edge of a limitless ocean and saying, “Nah I’ll stay here.” If we stop trying to inspire children to literally “reach for the stars” our Earth with be cleaned and used until it is a dry husk and civilization will die, we need a generation to start dreaming again.

4)   It’s all just stuff

Everything you own, every piece of furniture, every DVD Boxed set, every Lamp, Picture, Gadget….it’s all just stuff. Stuff that will fall apart one day much like yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that! There is nothing wrong with wanting stuff! BUT understand that it has a place and a position in your life, not that it IS your life. Technology is great! I’ve never been happier about the wonder of technology, the fact that children are beginning to use Electronic Tablets in schools now is wonderful because they are fantastic tools. Much like a Slate and Chalk were once tools used in classrooms there is nothing inherently evil about technology; it’s how you use it and the value you associate with it. If children are using tools such as phones and tablets to play games and goof off when they should be using them in school; that’s not the tools fault it’s poor training and understanding. Understand that all of these things are just that, “things” to offer a more comfortable existence, but teach others the same. You shouldn’t be running back into a burning building for your iPad. This truth goes hand in hand with the fear of progress and the future of youth. Many people fear what they don’t understand and the way the world is progressing it’s too easy to pretend that the future will be a bleak one filled with anti-social people who refuse to leave their homes. This isn’t the case. Showing someone how to use technology to promote the creation of their imagination and dreams is the way to progress, the way to see that there is so much potential.

5)   It’s up to you

The greatest truth of all is that it all sits on your shoulders. Yes you. The future, the past, acceptance of death, understanding of space, potential to create what has only been dreamed about; everything we’ve talked about ends or rather starts with you. Nothing about any of this matters unless you take a second and implement what you’ve gathered from this. You don’t have to agree with ANY of it, critical understanding and interpretation of facts is just as valuable as any lesson that anyone could ever teach. To blindly accept information that you’ve read on the internet is just as dangerous as accepting a ride from the nice man with candy. My personal hope that you take away from this is that maybe sometime soon when you’re away from the city this summer and you’re looking up at the night sky you take a second and think about what mysteries lay beyond what we can see and hopefully you’ll help others gain a little perspective on the greater truths.

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