The waiting tired out all but one,
the fickle child whom she called son.
We gave up as days passed on,
and though she stayed we had all gone

Though all had gone the boy won’t leave
his running nose wiped by her sleeve
the child she held through sleepless nights
now waits under fluorescent lights

The father seemed so frail and weak
though glassy eyes he seldom peeked
he couldn’t bear to look again
his love, his life, in so much pain

Too many choices to make one,
the painful choice was made by none
the call was answered by the wife
who made the choice while she had life

They pulled the plug that saved her life,
the fathers hand would end his wife’s.
Her voiceless cry was heard for days,
bright futures seen a million ways…

…and though her time has come and gone
another thought still lingers on,
the hands that held his dying wife
put out the the light that lit his life.

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