The Avvarian Mercenary

Written by: Chris Vasseau

Long before the First Blight before the dragon age and the werewolves, the ancestors of frelden and the Avvarian people were one in the same: the Almarri they were called. They worshipped the old gods of nature and were guided and protected by the wolves. But the faith of man is week and our lust for power great. As “civilization” domesticated the land the people lost faith in the gods and providers. Choosing to escape the wilderness rather than be shaped by it. the Almarri would soon grow domesticated and week as would the wolves who forced to follow their charge became shades of the great creatures they once were. Some refused this path and through civil war the Avvarian people broke free. Forced into a land so savage and baron that those who had become corrupt and lost, those too weak could not survive. Though no food grows in the frost of my home my ancestors endured. Many turned to raiding and stealing from the weak as your people believe all Avvars do. My clan the Amir knew easy pray makes weak predators. Learning instead from the wild and reuniting slowly generation upon generation with the ways of the past we learned to fight and struggle as we grew strong again. As the forces of nature struggle as the wind against the mountain and the mountain against the sky. We have learnt to survive through being shaped and formed by the land struggling for life as roots in the crags of the earth. It is this struggle that made us strong again and through it the gods have provided us a way. We do what the week will not we struggle in your place and fight in your place knowing that when the blight returns we will be as hammered steel, ready.

I will spend my time as a hired mercenary so i can provide for the Amir. Do not mistake me for a barbarian because I fight. Instead know me as I am Penth Ar Ete O Terel of the Clan Amir one who struggles.

Characteristics and quarks

Eager to learn new skills

He is as ignorant of people outside the Frostbacks as they are of him

For a hardened people the amir have a surprising sense of humour.

He wears clean white garb to show his blood (but over his armour). When the Amir reach a state where there garb has turned crimson, they will be given a new white garb with a band of red around their right arm. The more bands the more experience. The last white garb is said to be the snow that will eternally cover the amir.

Philosophy of the Rite of Struggle is everything and pervades his thoughts and actions

Will not use a bow when hand to hand is available, as it is used for hunting creatures not willing to combat (It’s a great insult to one’s courage to be killed by his arrow)

Hates werewolves seen as the ultimate of mans corruption of nature (weakness of man putrefying the purity of a wolf)

Enjoys battles but only when they are challenging. Chooses weapon based on this for example if a sword is overkill he will not use it

Unselfconscious about body and functions of the body but views music as an intimacy

He believes elves to be a young fragile species not yet shaped by nature but uncorrupted as humans. He respects Dwarfs

He thinks he will get better at gambling and drinking as long as he keeps working at it. This can be problematic for bring earnings back to Amir

Sure footed from living in mountains

Does not want to help a friend if the person he would help can manage. And also does not want help but knows also when it is needed. Hiring someone as a mercenary is shameful. Being the mercenary is not.

He is ashamed to not wear his armour but has found that he is not at a point to not. A great Amir Avvaran mercenary wears only the white garb. Children beginning their training start with great armour and will work to one day only need to wear the white garb. Although he has been given the garb, in Penth’s mind his progress has been stunted and he believes that the Amir had given him the rite of passage out of necessity (they needed the money) not because he was ready.

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