UPDATE 3 (12/18/2014): I don’t know what to do…

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UPDATE 3 (12/18/2014): I don’t know what to do…

I’m exhausted. The last 15+ hours have been the darkest hours of my life. I’m going to update all of you on what has happened….but I want to warn you that I’m going to tell it exactly as it went down. For starters….I killed some….THING last night.

…but I’ll get to that. I’m very weak right now but I’ll try not to gloss over anything. Excuse spelling mistakes…but right now I don’t really give a fuck.

First I’d like to thank everyone for the helpful advice yesterday. I also received a number of PM’s from people with suggestions….a few which saved my life. I can’t thank you enough, I understand this is crazy…OF COURSE it sounds fucking crazy. I have no idea how I’d react if I were on your side but what the hell am I supposed to do.

YESTERDAY I left stood in my office ready to take out whatever was pretending to be my wife. After a few hours of psyching myself up I decided the best bet for me was to open the office door a crack and take a few photos with my phone as a way to “see if it’s clear,” I’ve attached the picture so can see exactly what I saw.

IMG_2325 (3)

My jacket with my keys and wallet were in the closet, shoes by the front door etc.

After reviewing the picture I took a breath and listened intently for “it” outside. I hadn’t heard her for at least 10 minutes at this point, which is why I felt it safe to put my hand out the door with my camera, but I wanted to make sure.

I swallowed hard, moved the piano and opened the door. The main room was dark and moonlight streamed in from the bay window. Nothing was turned over or strewn about, it looked as it ever did…and whatever it was wasn’t around right now.

But I didn’t wait for it.

I walked briskly to the closet looking behind me the entire way, I grabbed my jacket, keys and……wallet?

Where the fuck did I leave my wallet.

I then remembered taking my wallet out of my pants and putting it on the dresser in our room. Fuck.

I didn’t bother taking the time to reconsider, but I did put on my shoes, gloves and scarf before heading to the bedroom for my wallet just in case I had to bolt out of there quickly.

I walked through the darkened house towards the bedroom door which was only slightly ajar when I noticed the bed side table lamp was on. I pressed my hand against the wooden door and softly pushed it open while my other hand unsheathed the blade I had been carrying.

She was lying on the bed.

I froze staring at her waiting for her to react to seeing me, however after a few seconds I realized that she was not breathing. I stepped into the room and walked over to “her,” and when I approached I realized this was not a person, or thing but rather a husk; wet with blood skin suit that the creature had shed. I stood over it for only a brief time before realizing that the inside was moving, upon closer inspection I saw hundreds of small worms pulsating within the skin.

I nearly vomited. I turned away, grabbed my wallet and left the house.

Outside it was pitch black and the winter wind picked up the moment I stood out the door, as I got in the car I began howling at me as if to warn of me of the night to come. I started the car and drove East.

Unfortunately I live RIGHT by a train and as luck would have it the moment I turned the corner the train came. There is a way around it but it’s a fair amount of back track – either way I thought it was worth the detour if it meant getting out of here faster, and I didn’t like the idea of sitting in my car, so I started to pull a three point turn out of the currently blocked road.

It was half way through my turn that I noticed the white pickup truck coming towards me. It wasn’t speeding, but it was heading AT me. By this time I was almost fully turned around, my back to the passing train and when it hit me I honestly thought it was over. Had it hit me any harder or faster it would have.

The pickup slammed into the front my car hard enough that I smacked my head on the steering wheel and split open a part of my forehead. Blood started pouring over my eyes before the real threat set in….the truck was pushing my car into the train. I slammed the brakes and put it in Forward to combat the power of the truck but it was worthless, I was moving into the train. I threw the car into Park and pulled the Emergency Brake to slow me down enough to get out….the back of the car was past the safety zone now and about to be hit by the train so I grabbed my backpack and bailed out of the front.

I landed inches from the quickly passing train, the blood from my head painted the white snow like a jackson pollack.

The wheels of the train screamed and hissed at me and sparks and chunks of metal started flying past my face as my car was still being pressed against the passing train by the white pickup. I crawled as fast as possible away from the wreckage and before I knew it I was up and running away from the site. The pickup truck driver got out and started running towards me which is when my eyes met “his” face for the first time.

The cold dead eyes, the red behind the pupils….it was the same thing as my “wife.” It walked towards me as I backed away tripping over myself and grabbing at the snow for aid.

I was terrified. I would’ve have crying if I knew what was good for me. My breath was nowhere to be found and I was gasping for air as I hyperventilated. With ease the thing approached me and grabbed me by the neck and picked me up. He opened his mouth wide and I could see worms crawling out of his mouth as he slowly started bringing my face towards him.

I don’t know what it is, creature, part human…I don’t know. Regardless I don’t feel like a “hero” or like I was justified in any way for what I did next, if even 1 part of this thing is human then I’m a monster myself, but I respect you all too much to sugar coat it. This is exactly what happened.

I grabbed my knife and instead of going for the neck or eyes or temple…I went for the mouth. Probably because I was afraid of the worms and my mind made it feel like that was the most imminent threat. I started stabbing down his throat, every slice into flesh I felt reverberate through my hands, his tongue split and split again, blood started pooling into his open mouth. I very hastily started chopping at the sides of his jaw hacking away little bits of sinew and cartilage. Teeth started coming loose and before I realize it the left side of his jaw was separated from his face.

He lay on the ground twitching, but I continued hacking. By the time I finished his head had been stabbed so many times that his lower jaw was completely off, his skull had been caved and all you could see was a huge pool of blood like a halo on the snow around him.

That was how I spent last night. I’m currently in a house that was vacant. From the looks of it the owner have moved out and are selling it, not much furniture. But I’m holed up in the basement writing this from my laptop trying to decide what to do next. When my cell phone provider opens up I’m calling them for the number, until then…..I…..I don’t know…..

However I few minutes ago I noticed something….my left arm has a cut in it…..and I think something is moving under the skin….

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